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‘My River Chronicles’ author DuLong engineers a life change
“In her new book, My River Chronicles, Jessica DuLong asks: "How do we find meaning in an increasingly virtual existence, in a society that divorces us from the physicality of the land and water?" DuLong, who lost her dot-com job in 2001, says she has found an answer on the Hudson River.“

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The Stories of 9/11’s LGBTQ+ Heroes
“The boat was just a few hundred yards from the World Trade Center,” she says. “We were staring into the mouth of a treacherous scene.” At times, she says, “it was hard to breathe; we were all choking from the smoke."

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Will manufacturing jobs lead the recovery?
Today’s manufacturing is more advanced and high-tech than old-fashioned production lines. But is America ready to support more training and innovation to align its available workforce with the manufacturing needs of our future?

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Lawmakers Want to Stop Sale of Historic 9/11 Ship
A bipartisan group of lawmakers is pushing to stop the sale of a ship that played a key role in what is believed to be history's largest maritime rescue—the evacuation of an estimated 500,000 stranded civilians from lower Manhattan in the hours after the 9/11 attacks.

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Fireboat engineer gets unique view of Hudson River
“This well-written, agreeable and lively book will appeal to many different audiences: people interested in the Hudson, ships, restorations and the role of women in the modern workplace.“

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“DuLong gradually pulls listeners into her life on the water … Thoughtful and fascinating, this is a unique story”


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“Smart, captivating prose … [Readers] will love this unusual mix of history, adventure, feminism and blue-collar know-how. Highly recommended.”

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“Inspirational story … moving”

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