The Kathryn Zox Show Ep. 1382: 9-11 Maritime Rescue
On September 11, 2001, tugs, ferries, dinner boats, and other vessels raced to the rescue from points all across the Port of New York and New Jersey. In less than nine hours, approximately 800 mariners aboard 150 vessels transported nearly 500,000 people from Manhattan. This was the largest maritime evacuation in history and yet the story of this heroic effort has never been fully told.

The Kathryn Zox Show

“Grief Is My Side Hustle” podcast
Jessica and Meghan Riordan Jarvis discuss PTSD, grief, anniversaries, the 9/11 boat lift, brain science, and how writing can help heal trauma while also allowing us to re-frame narratives and share our most important stories.

"Grief Is My Side Hustle" podcast

“The engine room is, in DuLong’s opinion, a tribute to an era of craftsmanship that is very nearly extinct.“

The New Yorker

The Reading Life: Little Yelps of Glee
“She details her often exhilarating experiences in her very fine and gutsy book. Ms. DuLong is a confident and sensual writer, as perceptive about small matters on a boat as was Anthony Bourdain, in Kitchen Confidential, about everyday events in a professional kitchen. … Readers will feel their own little yelps of glee all over My River Chronicles.”

The New York Times

Starred Review
“An unexpected portrayal of America in the decline of industry, delivered from the unique vantage point of the Hudson River…Powerful reading.”

Kirkus Reviews

New York Times Bookshelf – Paperback Review
“She delivers an engaging narrative of maritime history and her own hands-on perceptions“

The New York Times

My River Chronicles
Jessica DuLong explains why she abandoned her desk job at a dot com to become a fireboat engineer on a rusty antique fireboat.

The Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC

The New York Times Close Up with Sam Roberts
Jessica DuLong talks with The New York Times Urban Affairs Correspondent Sam Roberts about becoming a marine engineer aboard Fireboat John J. Harvey


‘My River Chronicles’ author DuLong engineers a life change
“In her new book, My River Chronicles, Jessica DuLong asks: "How do we find meaning in an increasingly virtual existence, in a society that divorces us from the physicality of the land and water?" DuLong, who lost her dot-com job in 2001, says she has found an answer on the Hudson River.“

USA Today


Jessica DuLong


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