Onshoring Trend Spurs “Made in USA” Comeback

Call it what you will—reshoring, insourcing, repatriating, onshoring—the movement toward manufacturers expanding production on U.S. soil has established itself as a trend, according to a survey by and Reuters. MOJO, the blog, reported: Forty percent of...

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Outsourcing the Law to India

Check out Brandi Moore's op-ed "Outsourcing the Law to India" from "Need to Know" on PBS. She begins: Memo to this year’s graduating law students: Your first job is already gone — to India. The law firms of America, and their clients, have quietly decided that the...

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What We Invent and What We Build

Finally, some new attention paid to the crucial role that making things and hands-on work have played, and must continue to play, in a sustainable U.S. economy... On Friday, President Obama spoke from a G.E. plant in Schenectady, NY. “Our challenge,” he said, “is to...

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