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Video Episode 31: Jessica DuLong
Brad and Jessica take a deep dive into the life of the civil mariners who work with the Coast Guard all across the country and the strength of resolve people show in times of great tragedy.

The Downtown Writers Jam

NYC Epicenters 9/11-> 2021½ – Episode 3
Episode 3 delves deep into the September 11 boat lift. Spike Lee first learned about the maritime evacuation from "Saved at the Seawall."

Spike Lee's NYC Epicenters 9/11-> 2021½

Civilian boat crew member reflects on her role in massive 9/11 boat rescues
Jessica Dulong, Chief Engineer Emerita of Ret. 1931 NYC Fireboat, discusses the ‘truly remarkable’ evacuations that rescued half a million people from NYC.

Cavuto: Coast to Coast

Q&A with Susan Swain
Former chief engineer on NYC fireboat John J. Harvey, Jessica DuLong, discusses the largest maritime evacuation in history, when mariners rescued nearly 500,000 people off Manhattan by boat following the 9/11 attacks.

C-Span: Q&A with Susan Swain

9/11: Evacuating Ground Zero
The Boatlift: the boats involved, the obstacles they faced, and about her own experience of ground zero.

Warfare by History Hit Podcast

Woman Makes History on Historic Fireboat
For the first time in 80 years, a fireboat’s chief engineer is a woman. Meet Jessica DuLong, the former dot-comer in charge of keeping the boat humming.


On 9/11, a Flotilla of Ferries, Yachts and Tugboats Evacuated 500,000 People Away From Ground Zero
Amidst the terror and tragedy of the day came these everyday heroes who answered the call when the city needed them most.

Smithsonian Magazine

WCBS-TV Interview
“I’m hoping that as we can look back on 20 years, we can see that coming together in that way is still possible.”


History Author Show Interview
The time machine travels back to a bright morning that turned dark, when ships of all sizes answered cries for help to evacuate Lower Manhattan.

History Author Show Podcast