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My River Chronicle – Rediscovering the America on the Hudson by Jessica DuLong – a Review
“A fascinating voyage … a journey through the history of America itself as it moves from an industrial past into an uncertain future. … DuLong is refreshingly straightforward … The writing is graceful and engaging and she balances the various elements of her account with remarkable skill. … A remarkable book. Highly recommended.“

Rick Spilman

The Old Salt Blog

“My River Chronicles is a beautifully written love letter to the Hudson River.“
“This memoir is a meaty, satisfying read, and in light of the recent economic crisis, a powerful reminder of the kind of labor and laborers—men, and now, women—who built this country by hand.“

Erin K.

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“I fell in love with a river, a fireboat, a sturdy little tug, and the woman in the engine room”
“Most of all, this book is about passion. About falling in love with something, finding you are good at it … There is a marvelous thread running through the book about the value of hands-on work and what we’ve lost because the apprenticeship system had broken down. What I wanted to do most after finishing the book was fix something complicated and seemingly irretrievable with my own two hands.“

Sharon Wildwind

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Book Review: My River Chronicles
“She’s an astute observer of quirks, human or mechanical, and a lot of fun to go boating with; her prose is warm, direct, and drily hilarious. She speaks eloquently for the honor of making and building and producing things, seeing the rough poetry inherent in river towns where bricks and blocks of river-ice fed families for generations, and the sprouting shoots of hope in an engineering camp for girls, a repurposed brickyard, and the reality that a single tugboat with barges can move as much stuff downriver as 900 trucks. Not least, in the thrilled face of a child with a hand on the tiller. … This book includes a great deal of subtle wisdom. “

Anne Pyburn


Going with the Flow
“As both a writer and an engineer, she’s relentlessly, gratifyingly curious, and her fine, richly detailed prose holds an appeal regardless of your level of interest in heritage histories and engine mechanics.“

Eryn Loeb


“The engine room is, in DuLong’s opinion, a tribute to an era of craftsmanship that is very nearly extinct.“

Robert Sullivan

The New Yorker

My River Chronicles Edition
Interview with Jessica Dulong, author of "My River Chronicles" about her transition from dotcommer to fireboat engineer.

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