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Going with the Flow
“As both a writer and an engineer, she’s relentlessly, gratifyingly curious, and her fine, richly detailed prose holds an appeal regardless of your level of interest in heritage histories and engine mechanics.“


My River Chronicles Edition
Interview with Jessica Dulong, author of "My River Chronicles" about her transition from dotcommer to fireboat engineer.

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The 17 minutes it all changed: Recall how we lost our innocence in the space of a quarter hour
“What stood out to me perhaps more than any other theme in the project was the sheer innocence of that September morning; we say so often, flippantly and in passing, “9/11 changed everything,” but as years have passed, we’ve lost the memory of just how much it changed.”

NY Daily News

Mariners among those who still suffer serious health effects from 9/11
The most menacing challenge for mariners was the dust, which created whiteout conditions and left captains navigating only by radar, according to Jessica DuLong, a journalist, historian and author of Saved at the Seawall.


A TowLine Interview
How could a spontaneously mobilized group of citizens, working without a plan, have successfully orchestrated the largest sealift evacuation in the history of the world?

TowLine Magazine