9/11 Memorial & Museum

Women’s History: From Volunteer Day to 9/11 Hero

Nicole Torres
March 18, 2022

In April 2001, Jessica DuLong became the first female engineer aboard retired fireboat John J. Harvey. She had never considered working aboard a boat, but fell in love with the engine room after a volunteer day, describing the experience as “finding a taste of home she hadn’t realized was missing.” Just five months later, Jessica and the John J. Harvey would play a pivotal role in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center.

In an article published in September 2021 honoring the 20th anniversary of the attacks, DuLong referred to the mariners’ efforts as a way to “remind us of our capacities for hope and humanity.”

Today, DuLong continues to work as a journalist, author, historian, book collaborator and writing coach, and chief engineer, emerita, of retired NYC fireboat John J. Harvey.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we honor her bravery and heroism on 9/11.