A selection of Jessica DuLong’s features, interviews, profiles, and essays.

The Imam of Bedford Stuyvesant

The August heat draws people to the Brooklyn street. Shopkeepers in doorways call to passersby about caps, socks and belts for sale. Young mothers push strollers heavy with plastic shopping bags slung over the handles. Delivery trucks veer around potholes, jockeying for position with ...

Published June 1, 2005

Riding in Cars With Girls

Kate Lake gives us a memoir any lesbian can understand - one car at a time This is not your grand-father's memoir. Kate Lake's snappy little book - a collection of paintings, each accompanied by a short vignette - tells her life story as a series of snapshots, each episode embodied in a

Published June 10, 2002

Down Home in Georgia

For the third year in a row, Last Chance Pawn Shop's owner has offered up his backfield to Hammerfest, one of the biggest White Power music festivals in the nation.

Published November 12, 2001

Below Decks

An excerpt from the original essay published in the collection, "Steady as She Goes: Women's Adventures at Sea" (Seal Press, 2003). Edited by Barbara Sjoholm.

Published September 25, 2003