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Blursday: How physics can shake you out of your pandemic slump

Even nonphysicists who have been stuck in endless lockdown loops are increasingly aware of a different sort of time, dubbed "Blursday." Is quarantine revealing time's less linear and more authentic plastic, elastic nature? Author Susanne Paola Antonetta weighs in.

Published May 13, 2021

The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb

The complete action plan from Ed Slott, "the best source of IRA advice" (Wall Street Journal), to help you make sure your 401(k)s, IRAs, and retirement savings aren't depleted by taxes by the time you need to use them.

Published March 2, 2021

Coming to terms with chronic illness and grief over what’s lost

In "What Doesn't Kill You: A Life with Chronic Illness — Lessons from a Body in Revolt" Tessa Miller shares life lessons she absorbed while learning to grieve the self she'd once been and the future she might have had en route to accepting who she was.

Published February 17, 2021

The power of a real apology

Susan Shapiro, author of "The Forgiveness Tour: How to Find the Perfect Apology," shares the four essential elements of a full apology. She offers more nuanced alternatives to issuing — or asking for — blanket absolution.

Published January 12, 2021

How to deal with grief — and persevere — mid-pandemic

When she began writing her new book, "Keep Moving," poet Maggie Smith had no idea how much the world would be suffering by the time it came out. Her "notes to self" have resonated deeply with many struggling to grieve our own mid-pandemic losses.

Published November 30, 2020