Portfolio: Newsday

A selection of feature articles, profiles, and essays written by Jessica DuLong. 

In the Trenches

From firefighters to engineers to construction workers, women in nontraditional occupations have been toiling to rescue individuals and restore office structures nearby.

Brooklyn Bound: From baseball to BAM, Mermaids to Museums

On a recent Wednesday, just before 1 o'clock, about 30 sightseers gathered at the edge of Manhattan's Battery Park waiting for Gray Line's new trolley-bus to take them to Brooklyn. Among them was Stephanie Dougherty, 14, visiting from Dallas with her family. She'd been ...

BLACKSMITH: When the Hammer Strikes

Meaty forearms and biceps thick as tree limbs attest to Tom Ryan's 20 years as a blacksmith. But if his physique isn't clue enough, the sight of him in leather apron at his anvil leaves no doubt of his trade.

The ...