Reader Reviews of My River Chronicles

December 11, 2009
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Jessica DuLong


I’m so grateful for all the warm messages I continue to receive from readers all over the country (and even overseas!) who are moved by the unforgettable people and captivating places whose stories I’ve had the privilege to tell in My River Chronicles, and who share my concern about what America is losing in our shift away from respect for craftsmanship and hands-on work:


“From cover to cover, I enjoyed your descriptions of history and wonderful stories. … You must understand that comment means a boatload coming from a self proclaimed non-reader.”


“I am so warmed, charmed and thrilled by your book that I feel I truly know you and want to hug you.”


“I just finished your book today. Really, really wonderful. I devoured it in a week. The combination of your gutsy personality and writing, the excitement of your adventures, and the fascinating dips into history of New York and the Hudson were engrossing.”


“[Your] great book … brought to life the rich tapestry of America’s past and made a clarion call for the restoration of social and economic values that are vital to our country’s continued prosperity and well being. All of which is embodied in the noble fireboat John J. Harvey and her dedicated crew. May she have many more days on the Hudson River.” 


To hear more from readers, visit While you’re there, please consider posting your own review, if you feel so moved. Readers choose books because of word-of-mouth recommendations, and every little bit helps, especially for a first-time author like me. Thanks!


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  1. James Crampton

    A great read. Kudos to Jessica. I was especially delighted to find the canaries survived. Call me a retired “blue collar worker” in Silicon Valley.