Jessica’s editorial talent is the result of a miraculous combination: intelligence, empathy, organization, deep listening, curiosity, attention to detail, and psychology. Of course, she is also a powerful writer, capable of communicating her feedback with precision, and suggesting line edits that enhance clarity and meaning. As a first-time author, I could not believe my luck: I learned from watching Jessica at work on my manuscript, I learned from reading her suggestions, I felt supported and understood at every agonizing step of the way, and my manuscript emerged improved beyond belief. Jessica saw the whole, understood my vision, knew how to break up and recompose the writing, dug down into the weeds and maintained, through it all, a true professional’s approach to billing and time management. While I would love to know that I could write a book without her, I don’t see why I should want to do that.

Testimonial by

Charlotte Bismuth

Bad Medicine book cover