I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Jessica DuLong for the last four years. Her dedication to my creative projects from cookbook manuscripts to a new website launch has been nothing short of exceptional. Never before have I encountered a more honest, authentic editor who enthusiastically devoted countless hours to helping me create while simultaneously helping me heal.

Not only is Jessica a remarkable editor but she is also a powerful coach. Her coaching went far beyond writing support and editing. She dug deep by helping me uncover what was keeping all the juice of my story locked up in the “filing cabinet” of my mind as she called it. By helping me understand myself better – my fears, thoughts and feelings – she helped me pave the way forward when I felt overwhelmed and confused by my own journey.

Jessica’s background in trauma healing was pivotal in helping me take my work to a higher place. As I look back on our work together, I realize all of those hours spent with Jessica helped me heal and integrate the trauma I didn’t yet know how to digest and assimilate. She gently helped me make sense of my past and guided me with how to put it on paper in a clear, concise way. At times it felt like our time together was deeper and more productive than a therapy session – each call concluded with an incredible, crystal-clear outcome and action steps to move forward followed by personalized assignments to help me unlock more of what she knew was hiding deep inside of me.

Our years together have spanned from editing and coaching to brainstorming and positioning in the marketplace. Jessica helped me find my ‘grounding center’ as she called it – helping me make sense of what I couldn’t articulate myself. Her tireless effort, stellar editing, patience and investment in my work as well as my own wellbeing has blown me away. What a gift it has been to work alongside a teammate who believes in me.

Not only have I found an exceptional editor that I hope to continue to work alongside for the rest of my life but I have also found a wonderful, warm hearted, kind friend. For this, I am forever grateful to Jessica, her craft and her extraordinary talent. She is brilliant.

Testimonial by

Amie Valpone

#1 bestselling author of Eating Clean, founder of The Healthy Apple