Portfolio: Profiles

A selection of feature articles, profiles, and essays written by Jessica DuLong. 

Aria hungry?: Leora Perlman and Meredith Greenberg

At a recent Manhattan party in a deluxe apartment overlooking Central Park, Meredith Greenberg and Leora Perlman - who happens to be the daughter of violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman - introduce themselves with their standard number. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen," ...

BLACKSMITH: When the Hammer Strikes

Meaty forearms and biceps thick as tree limbs attest to Tom Ryan's 20 years as a blacksmith. But if his physique isn't clue enough, the sight of him in leather apron at his anvil leaves no doubt of his trade.

The ...

The Imam of Bedford Stuyvesant

The August heat draws people to the Brooklyn street. Shopkeepers in doorways call to passersby about caps, socks and belts for sale. Young mothers push strollers heavy with plastic shopping bags slung over the handles. Delivery trucks veer around potholes, jockeying for