Publisher: Penguin Books

The New Retirement Savings Time Bomb

Ed Slott
March 2, 2021

How to Take Financial Control, Avoid Unnecessary Taxes, and Combat the Latest Threats to Your Retirement Savings

With the possible exception of home property, the most valuable asset for most Americans is their retirement fund. Yet most people don’t know that the IRS is waiting to grab up to 90 percent of their hard-earned retirement savings. Renowned tax advisor Ed Slott explains in clear-cut layman’s terms what people need to know to keep their money and pass it on to their families.

Testimonial by Ed Slott

Jessica DuLong did a stellar job of editing my manuscript for publication. This was no easy task since she had to quickly learn a new language—U.S. Tax Code—which some say is tougher than Sanskrit. Jessica was a master at deciphering hundreds of pages of complex material, making my explanations, advice, and warnings clear, readable, and usable. This made the book much less intimidating for readers. That’s an amazing skill.

When the publisher wanted swaths of pages reduced to a single paragraph or two, Jessica condensed the sections beautifully, greatly improving the final product. I also appreciated many aspects of Jessica’s work ethic, including her timely scheduling and delivery, plus her follow-up and review even after the job was “done” (which it never really is). Jessica delivered instantly when last-minute items cropped up, eliminating any deadline stress. In fact, we surprised the publisher by delivering well ahead of schedule. The bottom line is that Jessica is an experienced editor. If she can edit my labyrinthine topic then she can certainly tackle any project and easily exceed expectations!