Reclaim your life: Author Zibby Owens helps moms who don’t have time

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Jessica DuLong

Published December 28, 2021

We have all heard ad nauseum about the necessity of life balance for mothers — including the assertion that it will make you a better parent. But adding self-care to your mile-long to-do list can feel impossible when you’re already juggling too much. Zibby Owens, author, publisher, podcaster and mother of four, has a different take. Instead of calling it self-care, she says, let’s think of it as reclaiming time for life.

Owens’ mission throughout her podcast “Moms Don’t Have Time To Read Books” and Zibby Books enterprise is to promote community, connection and solidarity among parents and caregivers. Instead of offering quick-fix strategies, Owens centers the camaraderie that can fuel real-life sustainability.

Her latest anthology, “Moms Don’t Have Time to Have Kids,” features short essays on sleep, sex, sickness, writing, weight loss and friendship that she hopes caregivers can pick up whenever they need a quick reset.

Owens sees this anthology as a tool to help ease the strain on pressured parents, mothers in particular, mid-pandemic and beyond.