Psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy offers new hope for parents of kids who ‘just won’t listen’

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Jessica DuLong

Published November 4, 2022

The last thing I need as a parent is another expert making me feel bad.

Thankfully, clinical psychologist Dr. Becky Kennedy proclaims parents are, and have always been, good inside — and so are kids. (She has three.)

In her new book, “Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be,” the expert known as the millennial “parenting whisperer” lays out a child-rearing approach that draws a distinction between identity and behavior.

So much evidence-based parenting advice is built on behavior-modification principles, she explained. But our goal is not to shape behavior; it’s to raise humans.

Kennedy shared her concrete strategies for parents to create the best of all worlds — strong relationships with the kids and improved cooperation. Her approach not only helps caregivers do better on the outside, it helps them feel better on the inside. Checking all these boxes is almost too many parenting wins to fathom.