Publisher: Da Capo Press

Infidelity: Why Men and Women Cheat

Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD
May 15, 2018

Addiction specialist Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, explains the latest science on love, sex, and the brain’s reward systems, revealing what drives men and women to cheat and offering advice on what to do about it.

“In addition to using data from the therapy sessions with the unfaithful and their wronged spouses Dr. Rosenberg brings to bear a broader perspective from contemporary research in biology, genetics, psychiatry, and so forth to demonstrate ‘the science behind sexual betrayal, including the fact that our brains are actually wired to be addicted to sex.'”

New York Journal of Books

“[An] eye-opening book…Delves deep into the roles that biology, psychology, and cultural norms can all play when it comes to infidelity and its repercussions…A must-read for those who have found themselves dealing with an affair.”

Celebrity Parents Magazine

Testimonial by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD

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