Publisher: Avery

Bedlam: An Intimate Journey into America’s Mental Health Crisis

Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD
October 1, 2019

Psychiatrist and Peabody award-winning documentary producer and director Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD, provides an inside look at the historical, political, and economic roots of the mental health care crisis in the U.S. This character-driven narrative is not only a rallying cry for change but also a prescriptive guidebook for how to move forward with care and compassion. Rosenberg’s film Bedlam premiered at Sundance 2019, began a theatrical release in November 2019, and aired on PBS Independent Lens in April 2020.

“Bedlam gives us both an artfully told history of mental disorders (and their diverse forms of remedy) and the pathos of his personal story. [The book] has the depth of an encyclopedia of psychiatry but told by a fine writer and storyteller.”

Psychology Today

Bedlam “provides lots of practical advice both in accessing effective medical care and using the law.”

The New York Times

Bedlam “helps bring American audiences up to speed on their mental health care system 45 years after Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Los Angeles Times

A “well-researched volume,” Bedlam provides “a comprehensive overview of critical issues continuing to plague our mental health system”

Library Journal

Testimonial by Kenneth Paul Rosenberg, MD

Jessica DuLong is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. Unbelievable researcher, brilliant writer, and most of all, a pleasure to work with.

She will not only help you with her brilliant guidance and plain old commonsense, but her support and kindness will lower your blood pressure!