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Useful Practices for Working Writers and Editors

Fortellingens kraft 2022 (The Power of Storytelling 2022) gathers some of the best forces in the field of journalistic storytelling to give you inspiration, tools and sharpened skills.


Narrative nonfiction is built from real-life scenes, linked together. How can we shape and link scenes in order to captivate and inform our audiences? By a) drawing them into the lives of characters who feel genuine, while also b) framing relevant contexts for actions, c) in language that’s spare and informal. The goal is to propel audiences toward culminating insights. Jessica and Mark offer down-to-earth ways of crafting strong and engaging narrative. They’ll apply the fiction craft-terms ‘plot’ and ‘voice’ to the writing and editing of narrative nonfiction. The goal is work that hosts audience-members as they experience the text. They’ll explore common plot structures and x-ray the mechanics of how readers/viewers/listeners ingest scenes. This workshop’s goal is to develop members’ skills at more aware and deliberate revision. This is the fourth year the conference has offered a version of this practical workshop. IMPORTANT: As in past sessions, we urge participants to send us a few pages of a project you are working on, and a brief project description. This isn’t a requirement for attending, but enough people do so every year so we (very supportively) use these offerings, along with other materials, as teaching texts. No need to worry about perfect translations–GoogleTranslate works quite well-enough for these informal discussions. Please send soon (July 15 deadline) to fk@fortellingenskraft.no They’ll show you useful writing moves that strengthen structure, animate characterizations, and craft hospitable and engaging sentences, paragraphs and scenes. The participant-samples each year display dozens of cool “writing moves.” Writers usually make these intuitively. They’ll identify and name these moves, so you can have them at your fingertips, and control them deliberately and deftly. They’ll also share a few specific constructive practices—observation exercises, word-collection, and daily pages—that reinforce essential skills and add to your narrative tool kit. Mark and Jessica, both experienced teachers of nonfiction writing to professionals, also often edit one another’s work. That’s where they’ve worked out together the practical methods they’ll share.


Sep 22 2022


10:30 am - 1:30 pm

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Kulturhuset i Bergen
Vaskerelven 8, 5014 Bergen, Norway


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