Blue-Collar Jobs in Demand in 2010

February 8, 2010
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Jessica DuLong


Check out this Yahoo! story about highly-paid blue-collar positions with openings in 2010:


“Ready for a career change but dread getting another desk job? Then how about trying your hand at, well, working with your hands?


‘There is a blue-collar renaissance going on right now,’ says Joe Lamacchia, author of Blue Collar and Proud of It: The All-in-One-Resource for Finding Freedom, Financial Success, and Security Outside of the Cubicle.


‘These are necessary jobs, and they’re not going to go anywhere. Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling. We want to turn this country green, and we don’t have enough workers to do it. There’s a lot of opportunity here.’


Following is a list of blue collar jobs experts say are most in demand this year, and their median annual salary according to online salary database Training for many of these positions includes a paid on-the-job apprenticeship, and the work can be physically rigorous. None of these jobs require education beyond a two-year associate’s degree.” … [READ MORE]