Projects: Essays

A selection of Jessica DuLong’s essays published in media and book collections.

Untold Stories from the Largest Boat Lift in History

On September 11, 2001, nearly half a million civilians in Lower Manhattan escaped by water when mariners conducted a spontaneous rescue. This was the largest waterborne evacuation in history, but has gone largely untold.

Writing 9-11: The Costs and Benefits of Saying Yes

“What about another book?” The editor’s email subject line announced her overture. Who would turn down such an offer? Still, I hesitated. She was encouraging me to expand the piece I had published about the spontaneous boat evacuation of nearly half a million people from Manhattan on ...

Below Decks

An excerpt from the original essay published in the collection, "Steady as She Goes: Women's Adventures at Sea" (Seal Press, 2003). Edited by Barbara Sjoholm.

Down Home in Georgia

For the third year in a row, Last Chance Pawn Shop's owner has offered up his backfield to Hammerfest, one of the biggest White Power music festivals in the nation.