Hands-on work


On being subject to matter

  "He who is aching in every limb, worn out by the effort of a day of work, that is to say a day when he has been subject to matter, bears the reality of the universe in his flesh like a thorn. The difficulty for him is to look and to love. If he succeeds, he...

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Blue-Collar Jobs in Demand in 2010

  Check out this Yahoo! story about highly-paid blue-collar positions with openings in 2010:   "Ready for a career change but dread getting another desk job? Then how about trying your hand at, well, working with your hands?   'There is a blue-collar...

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Poor Cold Fireboat John J. Harvey

  The bucket of water I left in the engine room of Fireboat John J. Harvey to gauge real temperatures in the oldest, most rudimentary way known to man has an inch of water at the top. Can't imagine what's happening in the 78-year-old pipes that we can't drain...

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Winterizing Fireboat John J. Harvey

    The cold has hit. Yesterday I drained down the main engines and fresh-water system on fireboat John J. Harvey. Bilge-water sloshing, lines creaking, flashlight batteries failing ... and the poor old girl braces herself for another winter. Brrr.  ...

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