My River Chronicles


Ten Years Later: Closure is a myth

Over these past few weeks, I've struggled to prepare for four separate September 11th-related projects and events: writing a story about mariners' crucial role in the aftermath of the towers' collapse (I'll post the link shortly), a private commemoration aboard...

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Fireboat John J. Harvey faces Hurricane Irene

The news about the impact of Hurricane Irene on the Manhattan waterfront was grim so we fired up engines aboard fireboat John J. Harvey at 0500 on Saturday morning and headed upriver with a skeleton crew (Huntley Gill, Karl Schuman, John Browne, Tommy Whyte, and I),...

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Onshoring Trend Spurs “Made in USA” Comeback

Call it what you will—reshoring, insourcing, repatriating, onshoring—the movement toward manufacturers expanding production on U.S. soil has established itself as a trend, according to a survey by and Reuters. MOJO, the blog, reported: Forty percent of...

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Outsourcing the Law to India

Check out Brandi Moore's op-ed "Outsourcing the Law to India" from "Need to Know" on PBS. She begins: Memo to this year’s graduating law students: Your first job is already gone — to India. The law firms of America, and their clients, have quietly decided that the...

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What We Invent and What We Build

Finally, some new attention paid to the crucial role that making things and hands-on work have played, and must continue to play, in a sustainable U.S. economy... On Friday, President Obama spoke from a G.E. plant in Schenectady, NY. “Our challenge,” he said, “is to...

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